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Mr. Abderrahim KASSOU

Born in 1972, in Rabat. Mr. Abderrahim Kassou holds a BA in Anthropology, University of Paris VIII-Saint Denis, a DPLG Architect Diploma, Paris Architecture School, La Villette, and a Master’s Degree in Geography, François Rabelais University, Tours. He is member of several Moroccan associations, including Casamémoire, Zouzfana, FMAS Forum for Alternatives – Morocco… and other international organizations active in the area of culture such as the European Assembly of Citizens, Architecture and Development, Shared Heritage, Plural Expressions, etc.. Mr. Kassou is member of the Steering Committee of the rehabilitation project of the Old Medina of Casablanca.

Ms Rabéa Naciri

Ms Rabéa Naciri is a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat. She is a founding member of the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women. She is an expert in gender issues and women's rights. Ms. Naciri is a member of the League of Arab States’ committee of experts on the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). She is a member of the Higher Council of Education. She was a member of the executive committee of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network. Ms Naciri has written and contributed to a dozen publications on women's rights.

Ms Zohra Sadik

Zohra Sadik is the Vice President of the Federation of the Democratic League for Women's Rights (FLDDF). She is the coordinator of the group of women’s rights associations and member of several women's rights and education commissions. (Source MAP)

Ms Soumia Amrani

Soumia Amrani is a civil servant. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Mediator for Democracy and Human Rights (civil society association) and several disability rights associations.

Ms Houria Es-Slami

Born in 1968, in Oujda. Ms Houria Es-slami was elected in 2011 to chair the FMAS-Morocco Alternative Forum. She was member of the Executive Secretariat of the forum. She is a graduate of King Fahd School of Translation in Tangier. She is the executive director of “Driss Benzekri” Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy. Ms Es-slami held several senior positions between 1996 and 2010. She was the head of a translation pole (General Secretariat of the Government), head of a translation section (ISESCO) and head of a CEO Cabinet (Caisse de dépôt et de gestion). Houria Es-slami is a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Families of the Disappeared and Victims of Enforced Disappearance in Morocco since 1998. She is also a founding member of the Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice.

Mr. Omar Battas

Born in 1959. Mr. Battas is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, (University of Hassan II - Ain Chock, Casablanca). He is a doctor at Ibn Rochd University Hospital Centre (CHU Ibn Rochd) and the Director of the Laboratory of Clinical Neurology and Mental Health at the same faculty. He is a researcher in mental health at the CHU Ibn Rochd. He was an expert and consultant for the former Advisory Council on Human Rights and the Equity and Reconciliation Commission. He is a member of several civil society associations, including the Moroccan Association of Medical Sciences, the Moroccan Association of Mental Health and the Moroccan Association of Biological Psychiatry. He is a founding member of the Medical Association for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture.

Ms Jamila Sayouri

Born in 1964 in Fez, she holds a BA in Political Science (1989). She is a lawyer and member of the Bar of Rabat. She is a founding member of the Union of Women's Action (UAF) and has been member of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) since 1999. She is also a founding member of ‘Annajda’, a center that assists and helps women victims of violence, established in 1996. Ms Sayouri is also a member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and the executive secretariat of the coalition in Morocco. She contributed to the Euromesco’s report on “Women as Full Participants in the Euro-Mediterranean Community of Democratic States”.


Mr. Ahmed Akhchichine

Ex-Minister of National Education, Higher Education, Staff Training and Scientific Research (2007-2011) . He graduated of the Institute of Journalism of Rabat (ISJ) in 1976, and of the French Press Institute (IFP) in 1979. He obtained a Ph.D. in information and communication in 1982. Since 1982, he has been a teacher-researcher and then communications consultant to several international organizations. He served as an international resident expert in the region of West Africa with several UN agencies. He was the Director General of “Léger&Léger", Canadian market research firm, in Morocco from (1997 to 2001), before being appointed, in 2003, as the Director General of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA). He is the Vice-President of the Moroccan Association for Communication Research (AMRC). He is a founding member of the National Board of the Moroccan Human Rights Organization, member of the National Board of National Observatory for the Rights of the Child and a member of the National Council of Higher Education.

MS Najat Maâlla Mjid

She was born in 1959 in Casablanca. She studied medicine and pediatrics at the universities of Casablanca, Rabat and Bordeaux. She served as a pediatrician at Bordeaux University Hospital and CNSS polyclinic in Casablanca. She was also the first female doctor to be appointed as Director of the CNSS mother & child polyclinic in Casablanca. In 1995, she founded Bayti Association, a pioneering Moroccan NGO to defend the rights of children living in difficult situations, their protection, their family, school and socio-professional reintegration. Najat M'jid is active in many NGOs and international foundations concerned by health and child protection and rights. She has been, since 2002, in charge, at Mohamed VI Foundation, of the rehabilitation and reintegration of minors and adults in conflict with the law. She was member of the Advisory Council on Human Rights from 2002 to 2011. Ms M'jid has conducted researches for international organizations and UN agencies related to children and social exclusion issues. She has written numerous articles on violence against children and child exploitation. She teaches in French and Canadian universities, in the areas of health, education, psychosocial approach and social reintegration of persons in poverty or difficult situations. She provides training for social workers in Morocco and abroad on human rights, children’s rights, development, social management, etc. She has won several awards and honors, including the Nathalie MASSE Award (International Centre for Childhood and Family, Paris 1997), the European Award for Social Pediatrics (1998), Madame Figaro Humanitarian Action Award (1998), the French Republic’ Human Rights Award (2000) and the Knight medal of the French Legion of Honor (2003). She has been UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography since 2008.

Ms Saadia Wadah

She holds a law degree. She is a lawyer in Casablanca’s Bar and former member of Casablanca Bar Association (2000 to 2003). She is a former member of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights and the Coordination Committee of the Arab Court to Resist Violence against Women. She chaired the Moroccan Association to Fight Violence against Women in 2000. She is also a founding member of the Arab Lawyers Forum in Bahrain. She contributed to numerous publications including a book entitled "Raped Childhood" (unofficial translation), and other publications on legal orientation and listening center, sexual harassment (for the Moroccan Association for the Defense of Human Rights), violence against women and legal protection, a legal guide on the Moroccan family code "marriage-divorce" (for the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women).

Mr. Noureddine Mouaddib

He was born in 1961. He is the founder and president of the International University of Rabat. He has over 20 years of experience in the area of higher education. He obtained a Ph.D. from Henri Poincaré University in 1989. He was accredited in 1995, by the same university, to conduct research in computer science. In 1996, he joined the école Polytechnique of Nantes (France) as a permanent professor. He is an expert in building training courses and higher education institutions and information system management. He supervised many theses and published over 90 publications in conferences and national and international journals. He was vice president of the école Polytechnique of Nantes.

Mr. Mohamed Sghir Janjar

He was born in 1956 in the High Atlas. He holds a BA in sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Mohammed V-Rabat, and a PhD in social and cultural anthropology, University of Sorbonne, Paris V. His thesis discussed “Islamic mysticism: Experience of the sacred in the religious brotherhood of Aissaoua in Morocco (1979-1984). In 1995 he was appointed deputy director of a scientific project at King Abdul-Aziz Foundation for Islamic Studies and Humanities. Mr. Janjar is a researcher and translator. His works revolve around the following themes: social sciences and cultural facts, socio-cultural changes of the contemporary Moroccan society, religion and culture in the contemporary Arab-Islamic world, civil society, especially the women's movement in Morocco, the state of research and publishing in Morocco... etc. In 1993, he founded the Prologues, a Maghreb book journal he has been running since 2005.

Ms Najat El Mekkaoui

She teaches Economics at Paris Dauphine University. She is an associate researcher at the University of Oxford. Her researches focus on pension systems and household behavior. She coordinates projects on savings and development in Morocco (CDG Morocco, CDC France, the University of Rabat), savings and aging in Portugal (ISEG, Lisbon University, Portugal) and pension reforms and employment in France (Ministry of Social Affairs, Centre of employment Studies - CEE, France). Ms. El Mekkaoui is currently working with the World Bank (Department of Social Welfare, USA) for a project on pension systems in Morocco and MENA. She has published and contributed to the publication of several books, book chapters or articles in areas, including social protection, retirement, pension and savings.

Ms Myriem Khrouz

She was born in 1980 in Rabat. She is a journalist holding a Master’s Degree in journalism and communication, the Institute of political studies, Aix En Provence (France). Myriem Khrouz is currently working at the International University of Rabat (Pole of Languages, Cultures and Civilizations). She writes for Express International magazine and the Moroccan daily Le Soir Echos. She contributed with the Moroccan weekly Tel Quel, Economia magazine and Medi1Sat TV channel. She also worked for the United Nations office in Rabat (UNWomen) and the Mediterranean Centre of Audiovisual Communication in Marseille, France. She is a board member of the Committee of Support for Schooling of Girls (CSSF), of Amran El Maleh Foundation and of the Association of Tafendast Women for Development, in Errachidia.

Mr. Elie Elbaz

Born in 1948 in Bejaâd, Elie Elbaz is a professor of higher education in the Faculty of Law of Casablanca and Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux (Center of Black Africa Studies). He has a Ph.D. in public law and political science and Ph.D. in history. He carried out his studies at the University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne. He is a graduate of the Practical School of Higher Education (PSHE), (Section of Religious Studies). He is an active member of Akwass Association in Bejaad. He works in the following fields: fight against poverty and illiteracy, cultural development, health and development of education.

Mr. Mohammed Ayat

Mohammed Ayat, Doctorat d’Etat (Ph. D.) University Toulouse I, France (1979), Senior Legal Advisor to the Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1997-2012); Professor of Law at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah and Mohammed V University (1979 to date); Vice-Dean of the “Faculté de droit de Fes” (Fes Law School) (1990-1993); Head of the Private Law Department, in Fes (1982-1990) and Rabat-Souissi, (1994-1997); Attorney authorized to plead before the Moroccan Supreme Court (since 1993); Judge and Deputy Prosecutor (1971-1975); Member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (September 2008 to August 2009); President of the Staff Union of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Office of the ICTR based in Rwanda (2000-2005); Member of the Editorial Committee of “Studies in International and Comparative Criminal Law, New Series from Hart Publishing”; Founding member of a research forum called ILM (Islam Law and Modernity/Islam droit et modernité) based at Durham University, Netherland; Senior Fulbright fellow twice at Rutgers University (1989 and 1994), USA; Senior fellow researcher at Max Planck Institute, Germany (1996); Associated to a worldwide project on Post-Conflict Justice based at the International Institute of Higher Studies of Criminal Sciences, Italy, as expert for North Africa; Reports on the Moroccan and Algerian experience on Transitional Justice published in « The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice : A World Study on Conflicts Victimization, and Post-Conflict Justice, Intersentia, Oxford 2010; Contributed to the drafting of the sponsored U.N. Model Codes of Transitional Criminal Justice as expert for the Arab and Islamic world (Codes published in 2008); Contributed to the presentation of the periodical reports submitted by the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General before the United Nations Security Counsil; Personal representative of the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General to the United Nations before the Rwandan Government and Diplomatic Community accredited in Rwanda (2003-2012); Representation of the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General to the United Nations in several international conferences ; Periodically contributes to training of Arab and African Lawyers on International Criminal Law, within programs initiated by the International Bar Association notably in The United Kingdom, The Arab Emirate, Uganda and Rwanda; nominated, by the International Bar Association, member of an International Fact Finding Mission on the independence of the Syrian Bar and Judiciary (March 2011); Provided several consultancies for International Human Rights Institutes and Human Rights NGOs, notably for the Human Rights Institute at DePaul University, Chicago, USA; Geneva Initiative, Netherland, and the former Moroccan Advisory Council for Human Rights; Published books on criminology, Moroccan penal law and procedure and several articles on International Criminal Law in specialized national and international journals, in Arabic, French and some in English.

Ms Naima Khaldoun

Available in Arabic and French. Translation into English underway.

Ms Saâdia Belmir

Born on February 5th, 1944 in Rabat. Mrs. Belmir, judge and adviser to the Minister of Justice, is holder of a PhD (Doctorat d’Etat) in public law (University of Paris II), of a higher studies diploma (DES) in public law (University of Paris II) and a higher studies diploma (DES) in political Sciences (1st year - Mohamed V University). She got also an international diploma in human rights from the Strasbourg-based Institut International des Droits de l’Homme (International institute for human rights). Mrs. Belmir started her career as a lawyer before joining the judiciary body in 1967: assistant judge under training at the Supreme Court, judge at the Rabat Court of First Instance, substitute prosecutor general at the Rabat Court of Appeal, adviser at the same Court, adviser at the Central Administration (Ministry of Justice), adviser since 1995 at the Supreme Court. In 1998, he held the post of President of Chamber at this court. Mrs. Belmir, who was member of a think tank working for His Majesty King Hassan II (1996-1999), was also a teacher at the Haut Institut d’Études Judiciaire (High Institute of Judiciary Studies) and member of the International Institute for Right of Expression and French Inspiration (IDEF). She was also member of the Constitutional Council (1999 - 2005), and since September 2005, she has become Advisor to the Minister of Justice. Mrs. Belmir, member of the Amicale hassanienne des magistrats, organization of judges, was elected in November 2005 member of the UN Committee Against Torture.

Mr. Ahmed Abbadi

Available in Arabic and French. Translation into English underway.

Ms El Adaoui Zineb

Born in 1960, in El Jadida. President of the Rabat Regional Court of Accounts since 2004 Ms El Adaoui holds a diploma of higher studies (DES) in economics (option: public economics). She prepares her doctorat d’Etat (PhD) on "the Moroccan Court of Accounts: from regularity control to management control, what affectivity?” She is the first Moroccan woman to be appointed (in 1984) as a judge of accounts, and later Head of section at the court of auditors (1993 to 2004). She has been a magistrate with exceptional grades since 2004. Ms El Adaoui is a member of the Moroccan board of the International Women Forum. She was member of the Regionalization Advisory Commission. Ms. El Adaoui obtained an auditing certificate from a Candian audit services agency (BSV) and a certificate form Women as Business and Economic Leaders program.




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